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Jul 11

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Bike with Pazzo Levers

Aftermarket levers are one of the most popular improvements that riders do to their motorcycles. Most aftermarket levers come in countless cool shapes and unique designs, and many people believe that  new levers have strictly an esthetic purpose. However, that is not the case, as you are about to see that they also have many other benefits. There is a variety of levers to choose from but the Pazzo Racing ones are by far the most popular. Based on our own experience, and the reviews of countless of other people that were satisfied with these levers, here are the main benefits of Pazzo levers:

Cool designs

As we already mentioned, the design is the first think that stands out in aftermarket levers. Pazzo Racing offers a wide variety of options and features. The adjusters and the lever blades can have different colors, and due to the fact that Pazzo offers many color options, you can choose between countless color combos. You can also choose between regular levers and shorty levers. All the parts are can fit a wide range of bikes, from sportsbikes to cruisers and dirt bikes.


When switching to aftermarket levers, most people choose the shirt levers, because they are more comfortable to use. Many riders use only 2 fingers to brake or use the clutch, and for most of them, short levers are easier and more comfortable to use. This is particularly true for the end fingers, which in the case of long levers, can get trapped between the grip and the back of the lever, especially when wearing gloves. For optimal comfort, Pazzo levers come in many length options and they can also be adjusted, to be be easily reached. This improves not only the rider’s level of comfort, but also their level of safety. After all, even a tenth of an inch can make a difference in a critical situation, and it is a lot easier to ride a bike that has been adjusted according to your own individual needs.



Pazzo levers are a lot more durable than factory levers. For starters, the shorter levers have more clearance to the handlebar’s end, and even the longer ones are more durable. The design of the levers allows them to fold on themselves in order to prevent snapping.

As you can see, changing your factory levers can will yield many benefits, and choosing Pazzo Racing is the smartest thing to do.


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