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Sep 26

How to equip your caravan for a long road trip

It is often said that once you get the taste of travelling in a caravan, your holidays will never be the same again. There’s something about the thrill and freedom of driving long distances across new places and countries that conventional tourism simply doesn’t offer. You can park in remote places, enjoy fantastic views and enjoy a whole new experience. However, before you go on holiday, you have to keep in mind a few practical considerations, especially in terms of the caravan itself. It must be in perfect working condition to ensure your safety and comfort. In addition, you will also have to equip it with several tools and items. If you’re not sure what these items are, then you might want to have a look at this road trip caravan checklist.

Invest in a high end shower head

Why get a high end shower head? Because hygiene is important and your road trip won’t be as enjoyable if you can’t properly clean yourself at the end of the day. One of the biggest issues with caravan showers is that they are quite small and you need to pay attention to how much water you use. For best results, unscrew your old shower head and replace it with a high end caravan shower head, like the Ecocamel Shower head. It may be more expensive, but the price difference is justified by the fact that it distributes water more effectively. You will enjoy the same, if not more powerful, water pressure, but consumption will be smaller. To top that, it doesn’t splash, which is great news if you hate cleaning up after each shower.

Take essential tools with you

When you go on a long road trip, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You never know what might happen on the road, so take a few tools to use in case of accidents. For example, you shouldn’t leave home without a few tyre levers and gauges. If you will be travelling on rough or uneven terrain, you should also pack a wheel brace and a few blocks for stabilising the vehicle. Don’t forget about the medical emergency kit and fire extinguishers!

Spare items to pack

Every wise caravan enthusiast knows that some items need plenty of spares. The best examples are fan belts, insulating tape, engine oil and coolant. You will also need a spare wheel, both for your car and the caravan. Keep in mind that you might travel more than you initially intended, so it’s best to be prepared and pack the spare items that your vehicle needs in order to work properly. After all, the caravan is like your holiday home and it deserves as much attention as your home!

Things to check before hitting the road

Finally, you’ll need to check a few things to make sure that you and your family are safe and you don’t risk breaking down in the middle of the road. A few weeks before departing, you should take your vehicle and the caravan for a thorough check and do repairs and maintenance if necessary. An intense clean of the caravan is essential as all eating, sleeping and everyday activities take place in the caravan.


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