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Feb 11

Chipped windscreens should not be neglected – Professional replacement services


It is worth keeping in mind that no matter how small a chip or crack in you windscreen might be, it should not be neglected. You don’t have to worry excessively, although, because replacement services are always at a click away. Worth mentioning is that only accredited windscreen repair or replacement companies are fit for a job like this, and such services are successfully provided by Make sure you maintain your car’s integrity by only working with professionals. Below are some easy steps you must take in order to assure it.

Your windscreen plays a vital role

Although many consider a crack or a chip is a minor detail and tend to overlook it, you must know this might compromise your car’s integrity and your safety. You might have heard about the laminated glass used to manufacture windscreens, but the truth is, even the smallest crack can affect the level of protection it provides in case of a crash. Because it affects your car’s structure, therefore its durability and sturdiness, you cannot rely on the fact that only the first layer of glass is affected. Don’t forget that if you continue to drive and simply ignore it, the vibrations, dirt and dust will enter it and will amplify your problem.

What should you do after you notice a chip or a crack?

Temperature fluctuations, dust and dirt will only make the crack worse. Because of this, you must make sure you park your car in a shaded spot, and cover with a foil the cracked portion. Also, if possible, you could avoid driving the car until you have your windscreen replaced, because the vibrations might help it extend.

Find an accredited windscreen repair and replacement company

DIY is not an option in this case, and neither is hiring amateurs. Make sure you do your research well before hiring a company. In terms of employees, make sure you hire a company with qualified glass technicians. Fast services are important in your circumstances, therefore search for a company offering same-day replacement services. Also, you must make sure that the company’s products are high quality aftermarkets and meet the AS/NZS2080 quality standard. Furthermore, make sure the company you hire can come by and replace the windscreen at your location.

Should I repair or replace my windscreen?

It all depends on the amplitude of the damage. Whatever exceeds the size of a coin requires replacement. However, a team of professionals will assess the damage and come with solutions. If your windscreen needs only a minor repair, the company will inject a resin in the damaged area. Depending on the location of the crack and how severe it is, your car’s rubber might need replacement or resealing. Take this into account, and ask the company if this is your case as well. Many companies offer these services without any additional costs for their clients.

Make sure you work with professionals and you are one-step closer to a seamless and safe windscreen.


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