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Aug 30

Choosing the right truck tarp

As a truck driver or owner, you already know the importance of a reliable tarp. This piece of material is normally used to cover trailer and loads, so it has to be completely safe and extremely durable. Fortunately, nowadays you can get Mytee Products truck tarps, which are not only efficient but also affordable. Before purchasing, remember to check these basic criteria:

Types of tarps

Even if most tarps for heavy duty trucks have the same features (such as resistance and safe installation), these products have been classified in many categories. There are many types of tarpaulins, divided on several criteria. For instance, based on how they are sold, there are tarp you can purchase by case and others you can buy individually. If you own a freight company and you have an entire fleet of vehicles, then you should probably invest in the first category. However, if you work remotely, using only one truck, then you may want to buy only one tarp. Besides these, there are also traditional trailer tarps (aimed to cover loads), steel products (designed to haul steel loads exclusively) and dump tarps (normally used only for trash vehicles). So, depending on what you need the product for, you have to choose carefully.

Ease of use

Another criterion you should keep in mind when buying a truck tarp is the ease of use. As you probably know already, the driver of the vehicle is in charge with supervising the cargo along the road, which is why you have to make sure the tarpaulin you buy is suitable for your heavy duty load. This means that installation is also one of your responsibilities and it has to be done correctly. Fortunately, nowadays products have been improved and automatic tarps are now available with dedicated suppliers. So, when selecting the item you are about to buy, remember that you must know whether it uses a manual or automatic system. Obviously, the latter category provides multiple benefits, but you must keep in mind that these products are heavier, because they do not require human assistance for lifting or installation. Adding it to the cargo per se, it may make it a bit difficult for you to drive the truck. However, they are definitely easier to use and install, especially as far as safety is concerned. Normally, only one person cannot perform these tasks, so remember that you may need help in case you choose a tarp that requires manual operations.


In order for a tarpaulin to be completely safe, it should be made of resistant material. Manufacturers use several fabrics, and the choice should be made based on the weight and type of cargo you are planning to transport. Picking the most appropriate material means you can rest assured the loads are carried in the best conditions and the tarp will not break down causing accidents. A relevant tip is not choosing the cheapest product available in stores.


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