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May 14

Common junk car selling scams and how to avoid them


When it comes to cars, their prices vary a lot depending on a series of factors – whether or not the vehicle is new, the vehicle model, the manufacturing year and so on. No matter how emotionally attached you may be to a car, after several years it becomes a wreck if you do not maintain it properly, and when that time comes, you have to look for someone who may be interested in buying your junk car. Do not despair, because there are many junk yards that offer Newcastle car removal services and are willing to pay fair price even for junk cars. However, before you close any deals, it is best you read more on the most common wrecked car selling scams and what you have to do to avoid becoming a scam victim.

Working with an unlicensed or no-name salvage yard

If you decided to sell your junk car for cash, the first thing you have to do is some online research and look for a professional and reliable junk yard that would be willing to buy your car. It is essential to do background research on the yard you are interested in to check if they are licensed or not. Under no circumstances should you work with an unlicensed salvage yard, because you may become a scam victim. To benefit from the best results, work with the best people in the field.

Getting a lower price evaluation on the car

Another very common way many people got scammed when they sold their junk cars to salvage yards is related to the price of the vehicle. In most cases, people resort to the first junk yard they find on a quick research on the Internet. They do no background checks and they do not even request quotations most of the times. This is the biggest mistake they can make. It is essential to request several quotations from different salvage yards to have your car evaluated by different people and to get a clearer idea on how much money you should ask on it. Do not fall for the statement that “wrecked cars have zero value”, because no one takes their cars to salvage yards for free, no matter how wrecked their vehicles are.

Forgetting to demand payment the same day the car is sold

Last but not least, one of the greatest junk car selling scams people fall victims for is that they do not demand any payment the very same day they sell their cars. Do not surrender your vehicle without getting paid! One very common practice some salvage yards apply is to “promise” their customers they will pay for their cars by mail at a specific date, when in fact they have no intention on sending that money. The moment you perform the transaction is also the moment you have to receive your payment, whether in cash or check. Ensure you are paid with the exact amount of money you have been quoted.

Keep in mind that if you work with a reliable, licensed and highly reputed salvage yard, you do not have to worry about any of these junk car selling scams.



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