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Dec 12

Guide to preparing your vehicle for long-term storage


Whether you want to protect your vehicle from the unfavorable conditions during the winter season, you are leaving town due to work requirements or that much-awaited family vacation you have been planning for months, military conditions force you to settle overseas, providing the necessary protection for your valuable car becomes the main priority. It does not matter if the respective car has a staggering material value or a priceless emotional value; both of these situations are good enough reasons to rent the most adequate storage unit and have the peace of mind that when returning home, you will find your precious car in perfect condition. Simply abandoning your vehicle in the garage or even worse, on the driveway is the worst decision because after a long period and harsh condition, you will most likely find a dead battery and ruined tires. If you wish to prolong the life of your vehicle’s engine, then you should religiously follow the steps below.

Reasons your vehicle needs climate-controlled storage

First, make sure that you pick a spacious climate-controlled storage unit. Even though you believe that your car is durable and solid, experts recommend an optimal indoor environment for high quality maintenance. Indeed, a basic indoor unit will keep your vehicle away from rain, hail or snow but it will not regulate temperature, which is a major problem. Drastic temperature and humidity changes make your valuable car susceptible to rust. This explanation seems quite logical taking into account that a vehicle mostly consists of metals. However, not only the exterior of your vehicle, but also the interior will suffer greatly because of this poor decision. Mold and mildew will start growing in the seats and carpets leaving stubborn stains and smells. Delicate mechanisms, such as the battery of your car, become unusable after enduring overheating or freezing. Climate-controlled storage will protect your vehicle from potential damages. For more peace of mind, you can use seat covers even when storing it inside.

Follow these steps before storing your vehicle

If you want to ensure the optimal level of performance and the striking appearance of your vehicle throughout the storage period, then you should observe a list of crucial steps. Start by gathering the necessary tools and supplies including a tire gauge, plastic bags, protectants and cleaners. Continue by thoroughly cleaning both the exterior and the interior of your car. For the exterior, you should use a buffer and generously apply a wax coating. Use a piece of cloth to wipe the mirrors in order to prevent corrosion. In terms of interior, make sure that you remove the trash and use a vacuum to eliminate food crumbs and pet hair. A good solution will help you remove unpleasant existent stains from the upholstery and carpet. Do not forget about the trunk and the carpet inside, that area deserves your equal attention and care.  If you vehicle needs repairs, you should take care of this aspect before placing it in the storage unit in order to avoid further deterioration. Change the oil and use a good lubricant for the metal surfaces of your car’s engine.              


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