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Apr 19

How to advertise your business through physical materials?

Nowadays, it is well known that no business can survive without a strong marketing strategy. No matter what type of services or goods you offer your clients, you have to be aware that competition is fierce and in order to keep up with the market demand, you must advertise your business properly. Of course, there are plenty of strategies you could implement: while some choose social media and online marketing, others are trying to stick to more traditional advertising methods. Each method is very efficient as long as you know your audience and have a clear purpose in mind. Although some consider physical advertising has started to be out dated, this is not actually true. Here are some suggestions that will help you grow your business and attract more customers.

Wrap advertising

Also known as ‘vehicle wrap’, this method is one of the oldest and most efficient, especially for delivery companies, regardless the domain. This marketing practice involves covering an automobile, partially or even completely, in an advertising sticker. The result is extremely efficient, since what you get is a mobile billboard, which will take your message anywhere it goes. This way, you manage to reach a wide pool of potential clients who will get to learn about your business and services. Vehicle wrapping Gloucester can be also done by painting on a car’s outer surface, but the most common method used currently is to stick large vinyl sheets, instead of using actual painting. Unlike painting, the stickers can be easily removed, so this solution is way more convenient, in case you ever decide to use the car for something else.

Promotional staff

Hiring promotional staff may be a great solution if your business involves direct contact to customers. Organise an advertising event and employ well trained people to talk to clients, tell them about your goods and services or even ask for feedback on your business activity. Make sure these individuals know exactly what they are doing, since they will become your company’s reflection. If necessary, hold a training before the event, in order to have everyone understanding the message they have to transmit. This way, you create a unitary image of your brand.

Use flyers

Advertising with fliers is also quite traditional and is the perfect solution for businesses that have just started their activity and cannot afford to invest too much in marketing. The strategy can bring results, but only if you do it right. To begin with, remember that design matters and hire a professional person to take care of this task. In addition to this, make sure the flyers contain the right information – contact details are mandatory and short testimonials also seem to be quite useful. Once you have the materials ready, think about an efficient distribution method. Choose high traffic areas, organise an event or just install a stand in key-point locations.



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