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Feb 8

Mitsubishi Galant – A Very Chivalrous Car

Mitsubishi Galant is an automobile model manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors, a Japanese automaker based in Tokyo, Japan, but which operates throughout the world. They are, of course, best known for their production of cars, though they operate within other divisions as well. What we are going to focus on today is the series of Mitsubishi Galant vehicles which were produced from 1969 until 2012. So if you are interested in car design news, you will thoroughly enjoy this article, where we focus on the transformations of the Galant over the years.

In the first few years, all Mitsubishi Galant cars were being built and assembled in Japan and all of them were compact sedans. However, the popularity of these efficient little cars grew, and export really took off. This convinced the people at Mitsubishi Motors to invest in outsourcing the production of their coveted car, so, over the next years manufacturing divisions were inaugurated in Australia, the United States, Indonesia and the Philippines. Furthermore, the American market had such a great demand for the Mitsubishi Galant that its makers decided to modify it so that it served the needs and preferences of Westerners. Thus, since 1998, this model became a mid-size car, although the Americans already had their own assembly line established in 1994, in Illinois.

So far, there have been nine generations of Mitsubishi Galant launched, though some of these generations were revisited and redesigned in the years that followed their inauguration. The first generation was the Colt Galant in 1969 and it was promoted for the Japanese market; yet when the American market showed interest in 1970, it was modified to have five instead of four doors, and even a two-door hardtop version was developed. With the second generation, the export demand for Mitsubishi Galant increased even more thanks to the company’s promoting efforts. In the United States for example, the Galant was promoted and sold by Chrysler under various names, and sent in Canada, in Australia and in Europe as well.

All subsequent generations of the Mitsubishi Galant grew more and more popular, so it is obvious each new version had to bring something new and better than previous models. Engineers, designers and mechanics all worked to improve this line and they managed it too, seeing how the Galant is still a popular car today. Hence, the 2012 line is a modern and performing vehicle incorporating all the latest technologies, such as intuitive navigation systems, rearview cameras, and an impressive 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine with 160 horsepower. The Mitsubishi Galant is still a good competitor for vehicles in its category, and shows a good rapport of quality-cost. We hope you found this car design news interesting and useful, and that thanks to it you know have a clearer idea of what the Galant represented for such a long time.


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