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Jul 22

Questions to ask before getting car insurance

In the age of technology, most purchases and transactions are done online, and car insurance is no exception. However, you shouldn’t handle insurance as if it were a pair of shoes. Each company has its own policies and prices and you should be very selective to avoid scams and bad deals. Even if you find incredible offers online, you should still take the time to get in touch with an agent and ask them a few questions to be extra safe and possibly even get extra discounts.

What discounts and payment options do you offer?

Everyone wants to save money on car insurance and now deals are easier to find than ever before. For example, you can start by comparing cheap auto insurance by Insane Quotes just by filling in a simple online form. Once you find the best option, you can look up the company online and talk to one of their agents on the phone or in person. Don’t assume that the agent will mention discounts first. More often than not, you have to ask about them. There are a lot of things that can reduce the cost of the insurance policy, such as:

  • Clean driving record
  • Certain safety features, such as an alarm system or airbags
  • Owning a modern, eco-friendly hybrid vehicle
  • Good grades for drivers under the age of 25
  • Paying for another insurance policy (such as home insurance) from the same company

These are the most common qualifications for discounts, but each company has their own policies, so you should always ask them.

Do you have a 24/7 claims service?

Being involved in a car accident can be very stressful, especially if medical care is also needed. In these unpleasant circumstances, you need the insurance company to answer your call and assist you right away, not place you on hold or make you wait for days until their offices open. Ask your agent if their claims service is open non-stop. Ideally, they should be able to help you immediately, even at night or at weekends. While you are having this discussion, ask about the filing procedure in case of an accident. It should be as speedy as possible and you shouldn’t have to fill in tonnes of paperwork.

What is your policy on repair parts?

This is a question that most drivers don’t even consider asking, but it’s very important. In the insurance contract, each company will specify how the vehicle will be repaired in the event of an accident, namely with new, original parts or with aftermarket parts. The ideal choice are of course new parts made by the car’s manufacturer. Aftermarket parts are cheaper, so it’s more profitable for the insurance company to choose them, but they are not the right choice for you. In some cases, it’s not even a matter of functionality or aesthetics, but rather a matter of safety. For example, if your bonnet is damaged during the accident and is replaced with something lower quality, your car will not withstand as much damage in the event of another collision.


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