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Jul 14

Quick review of the Volkswagen Golf

Choosing the right car to buy can turn out to be a difficult task due to the fact that functionality weighs more than aspect. When looking for quality in a car, nothing is capable of beating German technology. The Volkswagen Golf, once specially created to the benefit of the German people, at present is considered to be one of the finest automobiles and there is clear evidence that its popularity is far from decreasing. The car does not only have an appealing design, but it comes equipped with countless features that make the driving experience more pleasant.

Plenty of room

This model is fully equipped with large door that not only make it so much easier to get into the car without hitting the ceiling, but there is just enough space for more than two passengers.  Whether you want to go on a trip with your family or just take another person on the way, you will not have to worry about the passengers getting crammed. In addition to this, the boot is bigger than that of the Skoda Octavia and the boot has implemented a false floor so that the internal space can be divided into two. Besides storage space, the car provides a comfortable journey due to the fact that the suspension is helpful in order to ease the effect of the bumps in the road.

The Diesel engine

Those who are passionate about cars know perfectly well the benefits of a Diesel engine. In the first place, Diesel fuel is cleaner than gasoline due to the fact that the fuel emits a smaller quantity of carbon dioxide. In addition to this, the engine runs more efficiently and saves a lot of energy owing to the fact that less fuel is burned in the process, resulting in fewer emissions to harm the environment. The most important perk offered by the Diesel engine is the fact that it can last longer than the ordinary gasoline engine. Moreover, the car owner will save money on fuel due to the enhanced mileage.

Neat design

The Volkswagen Golf brings together German technology with a stylish design. The reason for which many people adore the Golf is the fact that it is efficient as well as elegant. This is highly visible in the hatchbacks that come with a bold crease that is cut directly into the flanks; this is what gives the car a sport-like stance. What is more, the Golf features an amazing interior design created with the help of fine materials such as covers with metal-effect. Besides this, the switchgear makes the car easy to drive and the driving position is said to be one of the best in the business.

On the basis of the things presented above, it is clear why the Golf is one of the favourite choices in customers’’ tastes. In order to get the best deal on Golf, you should visit Volkswagen Ireland and get the advice of specialist in order to find the right car for you.


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