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Oct 26

Signs that you should replace your shock absorbers

Suspension shocks are often used and after a period of time, it can make your driving an uncomfortable experience when they no longer function properly due to wear and tear. Worn absorbers make it more difficult to control your car and unsafe on the road, especially during a bad weather. To avoid road mishaps and accidents, check your  car and  take note of these signs to see if  your suspension shocks  need replacement:

Excessive bouncing

Whenever  the tires  hit some bumps in the road the shocks should absorb the impact and allow the car to cross  over without too much bouncing.. This is why when you feel that your car bounces too much, it is a sure sign that the absorbers need to be replaced.


Longer stopping distance

The shock absorbers help the car to make a sudden stop, but if they are  worn, the amount of time and the distance to stop the car increases as your shock absorbers grow older, and stopping distance increases up to 20% . If you notice that your car does not stop as fast as it used to, check the shocks, they might need replacement. This is not something that should be taken lightly, as it could help prevent road mishaps and car accidents in the future.


Vibrations in the steering wheel

As the suspension shocks get worn out, they can no longer  absorb the shocks very well.  Vibrations can be felt  in the steering wheel as you drive. Under normal conditions, the absorbers keep the tyres work well  on the road, and thus, you can’t feel any vibrations. The vibrations may not be noticeable at lower speeds, but when you drive your car on the highway, you will  certainly feel them.


Uneven tyre wear

When the absorbers of your vehicle no longer function properly, the car can bounce up and down the road, and every time it hits the ground, the rubber gets  scraped off. This phenomenon is usually called “cupping”  and if you notice that your tyres do not display the usual uniform wear patterns, you  should check the absorbers. Uneven and worn  worn tyres can affect its stability on the road and can  cause accidents, especially on a slippery road.


Car sliding

If you feel that the car slides or veers across the road in mild winds, it is a sure sign that the shocks are worn and need to be replaced.  This should be taken as a serious warning that should not be ignored.

So, the next time you hit the road, make sure to check your suspension shocks for the safety of your passengers and others on the highway. You will find a variety of suspension shocks offered in the market, but  choose a reliable supplier, who can offer you high quality absorbers.


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