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Oct 10

The 2017 Honda Pilot – Why buy it?

If you are a passionate driver, then you should certainly give the new 2017 Honda Pilot a shot. Especially large families will certainly appreciate all the safety features and the roomy design of this vehicle. Also, these vehicles, in spite of their large dimensions, are just as easy to drive as a small vehicle. Edmunds considers that used Honda Pilot for sale is just as good as new ones, and this is why you shouldn’t consider investing in a new one. However, below are some reasons why you should consider investing in such vehicles.

It offers incredible performance

All 2017 Honda Pilot models are equipped with a powerful V-6 engine and this offers these vehicles and incredible performance. The standard model comes with a six speed automatic transmission, but it can be upgraded to a 9 speed automatic transmission as well.

It provides impressive fuel-efficiency capabilities

For a vehicle that is able to accommodate eight passengers, the 2017 Honda Pilot offers an incredible gas mileage. With the notorious i-VTEC technology incorporated into it and direct injection, it provides advantageous gas consumption. This of course, comes as an incredible advantage of 20 mpg gas consumption in the city, and on the highway an impressive 27 mpg.

It’s similar to the Honda Accord when it comes to driving dynamics

When driving a Honda Pilot you will certainly be impressed by its responsive steering capabilities. Handling this vehicle seems natural, and many certainly compare its driving dynamics to Honda Accords’ dynamics. This car has nothing to imitate the driving experience of an SUV, but of a rather smaller vehicle.

Perfect in both snow and mud

If you fear that bad weather might catch you on the road. When driving this vehicle you have nothing to worry about. It has an optional AWD package incorporated and it allows you to follow not so beaten paths when driving. Also, the FWD model comes with increased capabilities in snowy conditions. So, if you live in rather snowy areas, consider this model.

These are some advantages offered by the 2017 Honda Pilot. Keep in mind that if you find the new option a bit pricier for your budget, you can always opt for a used one. If properly maintained, used vehicles offer the same experience as new ones. Visit specialised platforms and see what your options are.


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