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Sep 7

WeatherTech DigitalFit floor mats

When you look at a beautiful car, one of the first things that you will observe is how clean its floor mats are. Any car needs high quality auto  parts and accessories, for they play an essential role in the cleanliness and hygienic atmosphere inside it, not to mention that having all sorts of elements of protection can prolong the life of your car and increase its market value, in case you decide to sell it. Although you may not think about this aspect too much, having a set of WeatherTech floor mats not only ensures the ultimate protection, but it also offers an excellent return on investment and eventually, it makes the difference between a damaged floor and a showroom condition vehicle. Moreover, if you really want to take advantage of cutting-edge accessories, you should definitely consider WeatherTech DigitalFit floor mats, the latest hit in this field.

Of course, nowadays, you have a wealth of choice when it comes to auto parts and accessories, so you probably wonder why you should select precisely WeatherTech floor mats. After all, floor mats come in different types and colors, as well as sizes, so what difference doesn’t make to choose a brand detrimental to another? Well, first and foremost, you need more than regular floor mats that either do not fit inside your car, or do not properly protect the floor. Unlike other similar products, WeatherTech DigitalFit floor mats are engineered from a proprietary custom blended Thermopolyolefin (TPO) that delivers maximum wear resistance and maintains its flexibility in any conditions. This means that they will remain intact and equally attractive for the years to come, in spite of everyday wear and tear, ensuring a comfortable feel inside your vehicle. Moreover, as their name suggests, WeatherTech DigitalFit floor mats ensure a perfectly contoured fit, due to the digital laser measurements of interior surfaces used to give them the final shape.

WeatherTech DigitalFit floor mats are computer-designed to your specific make, model and year, as well as a available in a selection of styles and colors that perfectly match your preferences. If you prefer, you can even choose something that is emblazoned with your favorite sports and auto logos, injecting some style while still providing maximum coverage. Plus, some of the elements that make these floor mats stand out are the tri-extruded composition features strong core while providing friction surface and tactile feel at the same time, as well as the innovative design which has all sorts of channels that collect the fluid, debris and dirt to a lower reservoir. It’s worth mentioning that the lower reservoir is easily disposable which enables a fast and easy cleaning.

WeatherTech floor mats are well-versed with all sorts of features that makes them a benchmark in this industry. Besides, they are proudly crafted in the US, at the highest standards and available at very competitive prices, providing you a great return on investment. WeatherTech floor mats feature unique qualities that match your vehicle application and ensure a very elegant look inside your car, as well as a secure line of defense against any type of damage. And to sum up, WeatherTech is however, the most prominent company operating in this field, a trustworthy brand that focuses on providing top quality products and 100% clients satisfaction.


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