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Jun 10

What can you do after your car keys get stolen?

With the advent of technology, the apparition of anti-theft car keys that are impossible to duplicate is to be expected. In fact, the transponder keys technology has been adopted by all manufacturers since 2001, which means all cars fabricated after that year should use remotely chip based keys that need to be programmed in order to function. Solutions to stolen car keys have also been found by manufacturers, provided that you immediately visit a locksmith to take care of the problem after your keys disappear. The keys use this chip to signal your car and without that electromagnetic signal, the car engine will not start. This means that transponder car keys are programmed and attuned to your car, so no other keys can work. However, once you have those keys stolen, there is a risk that your car will disappear into thin air as well, because technology has yet to achieve the level of creating cars that recognize its owner as well.

Once you have lost your car keys or they get stolen from you, instead of simply taking out your spare keys and driving on, you should use the immobilizer system of your car to erase your transponder keys. By using this function, your engine will no longer start even if the original keys of the car are being used. You will need to go to a locksmith and have a specialist prepare a new set of keys and attune them to your car. No matter how careful you are, there will come a time when your car keys disappear into thin air or they get faulty. This is why you should always take precautions. Contrary to expectations, stolen car keys has always been a problem mostly because car owners think they just misplaced them and do not take any action against theft.

You can prevent your car from being stolen by making sure you get your car pass containing essential information such as the VIN, engine type and security code from the dealer that sold your car or the previous owner. Without these, even the best locksmiths cannot help you prepare spare keys, because duplicating transponder keys involves programming that requires the codes, not to mention immense accuracy and skills. You need the security four digit code in order to reprogram your car keys in case they get stolen. If you discover that you do not have a Car Pass, you can ask for a new one contra cost. You can check whether your car has an immobilizer by verifying the measuring blocks of your ECU. In this case, you can either try to reprogram your keys by yourself using a guide or appeal to a specialists. Contrary to expectations, the fact that everything is computerized does not make the job easier. In fact, there are certain locksmiths that only specialize in reprogramming a certain set of cars. Considering the fact that not even an expert can duplicate a key for certain models of car, there are slim chances for a novice to get it right from the first go.


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