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Feb 24

What defines a prestige car rental service?

Car rental services have become more and popular in the past years, not only among people who don’t own a car and need one for a limited period of time, but also among drivers who have a car, but need something different on certain occasions. Car rentals are more and more diverse, catering for different types of clients. For example, you have affordable companies that offer family cars for rent, so that people can have a means of travel when they go on holiday. Then, there is prestige car rental, an expensive service with high quality standards for select clientele. Prestige car rentals aren’t available everywhere. Usually, they can be found only in big cities with a high standard of living and that are known to attract wealthy business persons. But what exactly makes the difference between a prestige service and a regular one?


Luxury auto brands

The first thing that justifies the price and the name is the brand of the car. If an average car rental company offers middle-end cars, a prestige one focuses only on luxury, premium vehicles. The most popular brands include Bentley, Lamborghini, Ferrari and Jaguar. These offer an amazing driving experience and are guaranteed to make an impression. Such vehicles are usually rented by business persons or affluent clients who need to get to exclusive events.


Professional chauffeur

Although it is possible to rent a prestige vehicle and drive it yourself, rental companies usually also offer a chauffeur service, which is especially popular among tourists. With a chauffeur, clients can sit back and relax, enjoying a safe and comfortable ride. It goes without saying that the price is reflected in the professionalism of the chauffeurs and clients can expect the most professional and discrete attitude from them. If the client is a tourist, then he or she can request a chauffeur to also be a tour guide and tell them interesting facts about the city they are visiting.


Five-star customer service

Luxury car rental companies go to great lengths to provide the best customer service. Not only are the vehicles absolutely stunning, but the attitude of the chauffeur is also very courteous and you can count on absolute punctuality and reliability. The chauffeur will always put your needs first and treat you like royalty. Whether you want to take a long tour of the city you are visiting, or arrive on time to an important board meeting, the chauffeur will cater to your needs and always respect your requirements.


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