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Mar 7

Windshield chips and cracks – everything you need to know about them


Very often drivers have to confront with damaged windshield situations and many of them do not give this issue due importance, which is a terrible mistake that can put their lives and the lives of other passengers in great danger. It is essential to look for the best auto glass repair company in the region and have the glass fixed immediately and companies such as have proven to be great choices over the past years. Here is everything you need to know about windshield cracks and chips.

Why do windshields crack?

One of the things drivers have to learn about is the reasons why the windshields of their cars crack at some point. It is true that the most common cause is road debris and stones that are thrown against it, but they are not the only one. Extreme cold or changes in temperature can also affect the integrity of the glass, causing small chips to appear on the length of the windshield. In time, moisture can get through those cracks and damage the glass, making the cracks to become bigger and bigger and the only solution remaining is complete replacement of the glass. Other causes for damaged windshields can be direct sunlight, adverse weather or direct impact.

Types of windshield cracks

While some people may consider that all windshield cracks are the same, truth is there are different types of cracks and chips and depending on the type, the mechanic’s job can become more difficult. The bullseye shape is usually caused by objects in round shape such as rocks thrown against the glass and it is best to be repaired early. Star break is another type of crack that appears in a starburst pattern. It is essential to repair this type of crack as soon as possible, because the cracks can rapidly spread across the entire glass obstructing the driver’s vision. The most popular type of crack is the edge one. Even though at first it only is one or two inches long, it can get bigger in time if not repaired. Half moon, combination break, stress or floater crack and chips are other examples of cracks.

Should this be ignored?

There is this misconception that a cracked windshield does not represent any danger, but truth is it is crucial to have the glass repaired in the shortest time possible in order to avoid any unfortunate events from occurring. In some countries drivers are forbidden to drive around if the car’s windshield is damaged, since they put not only their lives at high risk, but also the lives of other traffic participants. No matter the size of the crack, it is mandatory to be repaired early. With the Internet at your fingertips nowadays, it is a lot easier to find the best auto glass repair company in your region that matches your budget and needs.

All things considered, these are some essential details drivers should know about windshield chips and cracks. Windshields are an important part of a car’s safety system, so whatever damage they may suffer it should not be ignored.



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